Newman's Rubicon

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ISBN: 9781457515590
388 pages

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Hank Newman doesn’t want anything special in life. Having survived two wars and many smaller confl icts around the globe as a United States Marine, he is content with being an unemployed drunk struggling with his violent past. Hank’s is a simple life; drink each night to lessen the burden of his memories and run each morning to minimize the effects of his daily hangovers. The only problem is that he’s short on cash and would do just about anything for money.


About Finn Farnsworth

Growing up in a sleepy Colorado mountain town, Finn enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a young man. After serving four years as an infantryman he went back to school and earned a degree in Business from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Upon graduation he choose a career with the Military opposed to one slugging it out in the offi ce cubicles of corporate America.



Jimmy Santos strode down the street maneuvering along the crowded sidewalk. The smell of fried chilies, corn and chicken mixed with exhaust fumes from a procession of passing faded late model cars and trucks. It was a hot day which made the heavy smog hanging above the city seem all that more ominous.


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